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Information About My Weather Station

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My Location


Country : Winterton, North Lincolnshire, England

My installation is located in Winterton, North Lincolnshire. A small town with a population of 4,899 poeple. Located 42m above sea level and 172 miles North of our Capital City - London.



Longitude : W 00° 36' 49"
Latitude : N 53° 39' 10"


Country : England
County : North Lincolnshire
City : Winterton

Use the map to the left to locate where my weather station is situated.

Weather Installation


My Weather Stations sensors are mounted above ground level. (42m above sea level). The ISS, Temperature Sensor and the Rain collector are mounted at a height of 2m, the Anemometer is affixed to an 8m scaffold pipe. Installation is away from obstructions such as trees and buildings and the surrounding area is mainly farmland to the North and West.


Equipment : Wireless Outdoor Sensors include....

Anemometer, Thermometer, Hygrometer, Rain Collector, UV and Solar Sensors, Leaf, Soil Moisture and Soil Temperature Sensors.


Station Type : Vantage Pro 2 Plus
Computer : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz
  Windows 8 x64 build 9200

Weather Website :


Online Since : 03 February 2008
Weather Template : Weather by You!
Template Design : Metamorphozis
Weather Engine : Cumulus v1.9.4 (10992)

Weather Networks

This Weather Station's Data is used by and is broadcasting on the following International Weather Networks:
Personnal Weather Stations Weather Underground Weather Observations Website WeatherCloud NOAA UKWN Cumulus